Top 10 Strangest Customs Regulations From Around The World

Untitled design (6)Top 10 Strangest Customs Regulations From Around The World

We, at, like to think we know pretty much everything there is to know about sending a parcel. But there’s one part of the process that even we can not get our heads around.


If you’ve ever sent a parcel abroad, outside the EU, you’ll know how confusing customs regulations can be and how much of a nightmare it is to complete those dreaded customs documents. There are so many rules that vary from country to country, some making absolutely no sense whatsoever.

We’ve come across a few particularly peculiar customs regulations during our time, so we thought we’d share some of the strangest few with you.

1. No Matching Shoes in Mexico

Apparently, you can not send a pair of matching shoes to Mexico, South Africa or India. This is in an attempt to control each country’s own shoe market and applies mostly to shoe manufacturers. Matching personal shoes are fine, so don’t worry about having to walk around in odd flip flops on your next holiday to those parts of the planet.

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2. No Chewing Gum In Singapore

Not only are you forbidden to send chewing gum to Singapore, but you can’t even buy it or consume it. This is down to a 1992 ban to promote civic cleanliness and anyone caught with this contraband could face a fine.

old hollywood gum judging you judging gene tierney

3. No Toothpaste In Algeria

Algeria bans the import of toothpaste and all dental products. This is likely due to the inclusion of fluoride in these products which is seen to be toxic and poisonous by many nations.

josh brolin toothpaste toothbrush brushing teeth 1986

4. No Holy Water In Fiji

You are not allowed to bring back more than one pint of Holy Water to Fiji after a pilgrimage. If you want to bring more than this amount, you will require a certificate to say that it is disease free.

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5. No Wheelbarrows In Nigeria

If you’re considering sending a wheelbarrow to Nigeria, we hate to break it to you, but they are strictly forbidden in the country in order to strengthen Nigeria’s own manufacturing industry.

baby ride rescue centre wheelbarrow

6. No Horns In Saudi Arabia

Loud items such as car horns have been banned from entering Saudi Arabia, due to the country’s many noise restrictions.

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7. No Kinder Eggs In America

The Kinder Egg is banned in America due to the yellow plastic piece in the centre being considered a choking hazard. A few years ago, the American Federal Government fined a Canadian family $12,000 for trying to take ten Kinder eggs into the US. This rule is no yolk (pahahaha… sorry…).

egg honor kinder purchasing

8. No Aphrodisiacs in Malawi

Sorry lovers, but for some reason, Malawian authorities have forbidden the entry of all aphrodisiacs into the country.

Grease Live kiss romance romantic aaron tveit

9. No Clown Costumes In France

Due to a wave of panic, caused by pranksters in clown costumes in the southern French village of Venargues, these kinds of outfits are now banned. These incidents have lead to a wide-spread anti-clown vigilante movement across the whole of France, which may soon see the costumes banned through the entire country.

rotomangler clown vhs vhs positive vhspositive

10. No Glasses in Uruguay

Eyeglasses and foreign spectacles can not be imported into Uruguay.

cat hipster glasses


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