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Irish Parcels offers low-cost parcel delivery to the USA. We provide fast delivery times, reliable service, convenient door to door collection and delivery, as well as full online parcel tracking to all areas within America. 

Whether you’re a small business sending products or documents to the United States, or an individual sending a gift to a relative across the water, we can help you save time and money on your parcel delivery to the USA.

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Every year, a growing number of Irish people emigrate or travel to the USA to live, work or enjoy an extended visit. Many people, therefore, require a shipping solution from Ireland to the USA, whether it’s business documents, gifts, or other goods that need to be sent.

Irish Parcels provides a welcome solution to those USA shipping needs, with an affordable and fast parcel delivery service.

Fast Delivery Times to the USA

One of the great benefits of Irish Parcels is that we offer fast delivery time for all parcels sent to America – meaning you won’t have to wait weeks or months for your items to arrive. We offer an Express service to the USA of 1-2 days or an Economy service of 6-7 days.

Our Express service is extremely affordable and can often be cheaper than our Economy service, depending on the size and weight of your parcel.

To see how quickly we can deliver your parcel to USA, get a quote!

Ireland to USA Courier Prices

All parcels sent with Irish Parcels are priced individually based on their size and weight. You can get a quote any time by visiting our homepage and entering these details.

Until now parcel delivery to the USA has been notoriously expensive, however, our rates are extremely competitive for international deliveries and booking with us is often up to 80% cheaper than booking directly with the courier.

USA Courier Service

Door To Door Parcel Delivery to the United States

Irish Parcels will offer convenient door to door parcel collection from your address in Ireland and delivery to the American destination. We offer this service to all the main towns and cities in the USA. Read more about our door to door service here.

Eco-friendly Shipping Guide to the USA

Every year, a growing number of Irish people emigrate or travel to the USA to live, work, or enjoy an extended visit. Many people, therefore, require a shipping solution from Ireland to the USA, whether it’s business documents, gifts, or other goods that need to be sent. So with such a high volume of items being shipped, it makes sense for everyone to try and make their parcels as eco friendly as possible – here are just a few top tips to make your packages a bit more “green”…

Right-size Your Packaging

Don’t use large boxes for tiny things. Select packaging that precisely suits your product’s dimensions to cut down on the amount of extra material used in packing and to lower the cost of shipping dimensional weight.

Customs Compliance

Make sure that your eco-friendly packing materials adhere to US customs laws, as certain materials might be restricted or need specific paperwork.

Local Recycling Guidelines

Familiarise yourself with local recycling laws and regulations in the United States and then encourage customers to dispose of your packaging ethically, including explicit recycling instructions on it.

Offset Carbon Emissions

Partner with companies that provide carbon offset initiatives. By contributing to efforts like reforestation or renewable energy that lower greenhouse gas emissions, you can offset the carbon emissions produced during the shipment of your packages.

Incorporating these strategies into your shipping practices to the USA, can make your parcels more eco-friendly and promote sustainability.

Full Online Parcel Tracking & Customer Support

To give you peace of mind and help make your parcel shipping experience run even more smoothly, we offer a full online tracking system which will allow you to monitor the progress of your parcel and see when it will be delivered.

If you happen to have any questions or queries along the way, our customer support team is always happy to help via phone, email and live chat. Please contact us if you need anything.

Compensation & Prohibited Items

With Irish Parcels, you will receive €50 free compensation cover, which you can add to during the booking process for a small additional fee if you wish.

Before booking your shipment with us, we recommend taking a look at our list of prohibited and non-compensation items.


When sending a parcel to the USA, it will undergo customs inspections and require a customs form.

Irish Parcels will generate customs forms that you must complete. These forms will be personalised for your shipment based on the information you provided during your order. These forms will be made available soon after your order has been paid for.

Cheap Parcel Delivery To USA

Of course, the best thing about Irish Parcels is the fact that we offer extremely low-cost parcel deliveries to the USA!

All parcels sent with us are priced individually based on their size and weight, to provide you with the best value for money for your parcel deliveries to the USA.

Our prices are low for deliveries of all weights and sizes, but are particularly competitive for heavier items of over 5kg.

Our Features

As well as low prices and fast delivery times, when booking with Irish Parcels, you can also avail of the following great features:

  • Pay-As-You-Go Service
  • Easily Quote and Book Online Instantly 24/7
  • Convenient Door-to-Door Parcel Collections and Deliveries
  • Over 2000 Independent Customer Reviews
  • Full Online Tracking with every order
  • €50 FREE Compensation Cover with enhanced options available
  • Reliable Parcel Deliveries with Trusted Couriers
  • Fast Parcel Deliveries within Ireland and beyond
  • Cheap International Courier Services from Ireland to 200+ countries
  • Excellent Customer Support by Phone, Email, and Online Chat

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