Your Guide to Irish Parcels

Your Guide to Irish Parcels

Are you new to Irish Parcels? If you’re not familiar with us, or how our service works, let us explain it. Whether you’re a first-time or experienced shipper, we strive to simplify the shipping process with an affordable and convenient solution, saving you time and money!

Who are Irish Parcels?

Irish Parcels offer a fast, reliable and affordable door-to-door parcel delivery service across Ireland, and to over 200 countries worldwide. Ideal for small businesses sending parcels to their customers, or for someone simply wanting to send a gift to loved ones abroad.

What is a Parcel Delivery Service?

A parcel delivery service, often known as a courier or delivery service, is the transportation of a parcel from one location to another.

What is a Door-to-Door Parcel Delivery Service?

A door-to-door parcel delivery service means your parcel will be collected from your home or business, and then transported to its destination, meaning that you will not have to drop it off or collect it.

How does Irish Parcels work?

We’ve made our process as smooth and seamless as possible.

  1. Get an Instant Quote and Book Online
  2. Print and Attach your Labels
  3. We’ll Collect your Parcel
  4. We’ll Deliver your Parcel

Irish Parcels - How it works

Every order with Irish Parcels comes with full online tracking, so you can monitor the progress of your shipment from start to finish.

Why use Irish Parcels

Enjoy the convenience of our affordable and speedy courier services available online 24/7. Our service also comes with a host of benefits that you won’t want to miss out on!

Pay-as-you-go service

There’s no need to apply for credit or rate cards, it’s as simple as you see the price, you pay for it there and then with your Credit or Debit card, or via your PayPal account.

Top-up and Receive 5% discount

If you’re planning to send multiple parcels, we offer a handy top-up facility which enables you to add funds to your account, making your booking process an even faster one. And for every €100 you top-up, we’ll add 5% credit to your account.

FREE and Enhanced Compensation Cover

Although damage is rare with Irish Parcels, there’s compensation options for additional peace of mind. With every order we provide a FREE €50 Compensation cover, with the option to enhance this cover up to €1000 for a small fee.

Local & Worldwide

Whether you’re shipping Locally or Worldwide, Irish Parcels is your one-stop shop for Parcel Deliveries, offering services throughout Ireland, and beyond to over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Competitive Prices & Great Choice

We work with a variety of top couriers to make sure we offer you competitive prices. We also offer a great range of services that enable you to choose something that’ll suit your needs.

Local Customer Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable Local Customer Support team are available by Phone, Email, or Live Chat, to assist you with any queries you may have. We also wealth of information available on the support pages of our website.

A Trusted Brand

We’re incredibly proud to be trusted by thousands of business and personal users across Ireland. We are independently rated 4.5 out of 5, which reflects the exceptional customer service we strive to provide.

Join our thousands of happy customers and get an Instant Quote.

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