10 Clever Tips That Will Help You Save Money On Courier Costs

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10 Clever Tips That Will Help You Save Money On Courier Costs

It doesn’t matter who you are, how many parcels you send or where you’re sending them – we all want to save money on courier costs.

For small businesses, in particular, shipping costs can seriously impact profit margins and are often one of the greatest (and most frustrating) expenses. Keeping those courier costs in check should therefore be a top priority.

At Irish Parcels, it is not only our mission to help small businesses but to also cut courier costs for absolutely everyone – whether you’re returning a broken item to a retailer or sending a present to your cousin in New Zealand.

So, we’ve put our thinking caps on and delved deep into our vast experience within the courier industry to bring you our top ten expert tips to help you save money on your parcel deliveries.

1. Keep your parcel as small as possible

Most couriers will price your delivery based on the size of your parcel, so to keep costs down, try and make your parcel as small as possible.

2. Use Lightweight Packaging

Weight will also be a contributing factor, so try to keep you parcel as light as possible, by using lightweight packaging materials, like bubble wrap and peanuts to hold your parcel in place. In addition, it is also advisable to use cardboard boxes to package your item, rather than plastic ones. Not only will cardboard be lighter and therefore cheaper, but sturdy cardboard is actually able to withstand more potential damage, as plastic is prone to split under pressure.

3. Be accurate with the weight and measurements

When booking your courier, be accurate when giving the size and weight of your parcel. We would recommend purchasing some shipping scales if you send parcels frequently, as these will give you a more exact number than bathroom ones.

Giving accurate sizes is crucial; even if your parcel is so much as 1kg overweight, you could face oversized charges or your delivery may be refused by the courier entirely.

4. Purchase packaging in bulk

If you send parcels on a fairly regular basis, it makes good economic sense to purchase packaging in bulk, as it is significantly cheaper than buying by the box. Furthermore, if you buy quality items in bulk, you can reuse the packaging and make even more savings in the long run.

5. Use a courier comparison website

When it comes to finding the right courier for you, never go with the first one you see. Shop around, as you could be surprised by the savings you make.

A great way to do this is to use a specialist courier comparison website – like Irish Parcels! When you enter details of your delivery on our homepage, we will provide you with a list of quotes from our network of couriers. These quotes are reduced rate and will often be up to 80% cheaper than booking directly with a courier.

This is especially beneficial to one-off or infrequent senders or small businesses that do not send quite enough parcels to negotiate their own low rate deal with the courier direclty. You can read more about how our courier comparison service works here.

6. Claim VAT back 

If you’re a business, don’t forget to claim the VAT back on your deliveries. Make sure to keep all receipts, bills and invoices to do this.

7. Use a door to door service

When sending a parcel, it’s not just the direct cost of postage which sets you back, the fuel it takes to get your item to the post office or depot and the time out of your day are also unnecessary additional expenses. A door to door service will save you valuable time and money.

8. Beware of excess charges

When you get a quote from a courier, ensure that the price you are quoted is the end price you pay. Make sure that VAT is included in the total, as well as compensation cover, so that you don’t get a nasty surprise at the checkout.

9. Always take compensation cover

And on that note… Always take out compensation cover on your items for potential damage or loss. Most couriers will provide free compensation cover. Irish Parcels offer €50 free cover per item, which can be increased for a small fee during booking, up to the value of €1,000 if you wish.

Before choosing your compensation cover, always check the courier’s list of prohibited and non-compensation items to ensure that your items will actually be covered.

10. Book in advance to use economy services

If your parcel is not urgent, try to use the courier’s economy service, rather than the express one as it is often significantly cheaper.


If you have any questions about sending a parcel, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

If you want to see how cheap Irish Parcels is, get a quick quote from us any time!

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