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If you’re studying away from home, going on a gap year or taking your third year abroad, student storage can seem like a great solution when trying to figure out what the heck you’re going to do with all your stuff.

But, while student storage is a great way to manage your belongings and travel hands-free, there are some drawbacks…

Disadvantages Of Student Storage

There are two main drawbacks to student storage – the first is the set time limit. When booking student storage, you will have to choose a set amount of time for your belongings to be kept in the unit. If that time limit expires and you have not yet collected your belongings, you may face additional fees and charges.

The second drawback is something seemingly insignificant, which can become a major impracticality; after booking student storage and travelling home at the end of term, many students come to realise that they have forgotten something crucially important and now have no way to collect it. This can be quite an inconvenience.

Thankfully, there are some excellent alternatives to student storage, which provide you with all the benefits and overcome the aforementioned impracticalities.

Student Shipping – An Alternative To Storage

Student shipping is a great alternative to student storage and there are many specialist companies that offer these services specifically for students.

My Baggage is the No.1 Student Shipping Services, transporting luggage to 200+ countries worldwide for over 30,000 students.

With Mybaggage, you get all the benefits of student storage – low costs, door to door service, the ability to travel with little to no luggage, as well as added advantages such as full online tracking and a generous 30kg weight allowance per item.

Prices are fixed, so there are no hidden fees and by forwarding your luggage, you can ensure that nothing is left behind.

You can book and pay for your My Baggage shipment online and they have full customer support via phone, email and live chat if you happen to have any questions.

For more information on how student storage compares to student shipping, check out this informative post on the My Baggage blog.

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