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Heading off to college or university? Irish Parcels provides an affordable student shipping service that can help you transport your belongings to your new place of study.

BoxesSending Luggage To University

Every year, thousands of Irish young people hop on boats and planes to study at university  in the UK, Europe or even further afield.

It’s an exciting adventure – leaving home for the first time and getting a true taste of independence and freedom.

But, of course, studying away from home is a big decision to make and there’s often a lot to think about. Especially in terms of organisation. Often the biggest headache for new college and university students is how to transport their luggage.

As students need enough clothes, books and personal belongings to last an entire term or even year, this means you’ll have a ton of boxes, bags and suitcases to somehow transport across that stretch of water

Student Shipping Services

Anyone who has ever taken a flight will know that checking luggage in as airline baggage is not cheap – especially when you have more than one suitcase to take. Students often end up paying hundreds of Euros.

For that reason alone, student shipping is a much better option. Using a specialist service to deliver your luggage costs a fraction of the price of airline baggage – and it’s value for your cash too, as weight allowances are a lot more generous. This means you don’t have to leave anything important behind.

As well as being cheaper than airline baggage, student shipping is so much more convenient. Once you’ve made your booking online, you can relax and enjoy your journey, as Irish Parcels provides door to door luggage collection and delivery.

Student Shipping Features

Students who send their luggage with Irish Parcels can avail of the following top features:

  • Easy online booking and payment.
  • Fast delivery times  – same day collection and next day delivery on many routes.
  • Worldwide delivery to 200+ countries and extremely low prices on international routes.
  • €50 free compensation cover on every item.
  • Door to door luggage collection and delivery.
  • Full online tracking.
  • Dedicated customer support via phone, email and live chat.

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